Posted on: August 19, 2011 4:20 pm
Edited on: August 19, 2011 4:29 pm

VIDEO: Lamely hole-out earns lifetime of vacation

Posted by Will Brinson

GREENSBORO, NC -- Derek Lamely isn't going to the make the cut at the Wyndham Championship. Which means he's going home.

Or, perhaps, on vacation. You see, Lamely holed out the par-three 16th hole on Friday, and that earned him a lifetime of vacations* from Wyndham. No, really -- since taking over as the sponsor in Greensboro, Wyndham's been offering up the 16th as a hole-in-one opportunity to get hooked up on a vaca spot for life.

Watch it below -- just a casual one-hopper on a 199-yard par three over a lot of water. No big deal.

*There's some sort of fine print about this that involves Lamely getting a bunch of "vacation ownership" and a bunch of points to use. It's complex, but the point remains the same: free vacations for life. It's a sweet deal.

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Posted on: July 15, 2011 2:26 pm

Michael Jordan wins golf bet at Tahoe

Posted by Matt Moore

In between potentially being fined $1 million dollars and laying off his employees despite making their combined salary about nine times over from endorsements, Michael Jordan is still living the life. He's at Lake Tahoe for the American Century Celebrity Golf Championship this weekend, and in the process, wound up making a friendly wager with a spectator.

Courtesy of Busted Coverage (via The Basketball Jones) comes video of the exchange. Here's Jordan making the bet, from a distance:

And here's him winning whatever the bet was, and collecting his winning with a cold-blooded jaunt.


Brutal. All that's missing is the shrug.

My favorite part of this is the guy in the white shirt behind the rope line who wants Jordan to high-five him... and Jordan predictably leaves him completely hanging.

Nice to see that Jordan maintains A. his competitive spirit, B. his love/obsession with winning and C. his borderline addiction with gambling. Some things never change. And hey, he's not wearing Mom Jeans.
Posted on: July 7, 2011 4:48 pm
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Nike's new Lunar Control shoes for British Open

Posted by Will Brinson

Last month, before the U.S. Open began, Nike introduced the new Lunar Control U.S. Open Edition golf shoes (the Lunar Control with special colors for that major). And today, they announced similar plans for the British Open, which begins next week.

Which, by the by, if you feel like getting prepped for the Open Championship, head on over to our center for British Open coverage and get all caught up on the stories leading up to the world's oldest major.

The shoe is "inspired by traditional English tailoring" and takes "a cue from classic British dress shoes and briefcases" with the upper featuring "tumbled leather with patent-leather accents."

As you can tell above, the collar's got "Herringbone tweed" (it's like a suit -- on a shoe!). But the best part? The lining is "inspired by polka-dot handkerchiefs."

Beginning on Monday, July 11 in the UK/EU and US the shoes will be available for a limited-time purchase at NikeStore.com.

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